May 13, 2017

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What are The Top 10 Websites for Exercising Maths?

Mathematics is one of the subjects which need practice and practice to become perfect. Mathematics plays an important role in everyday life. There is no more need to go for tuitions because there are plenty of resources and sites available that help in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The interactive videos are available online which helps the child to develop algebraic thinking to solve real time problem. Here are top 10 Websites that can help doing maths exercise:

  1. Mathleague: Mathleague website offers a number of services to enhance the mathematic skills. One can exercise mathematics at home or without the help of any tutor. A variety of programs is available on the website to enhance the quality of maths. This math exercising website releases several sets of elementary, middle school, high school contests every year. In addition to the tests, the website also runs tutoring session to develop the critical problem understanding skills. Here, while competitions, all the participants are gathered at the same place so that they can meet with other participants who are interested in maths. This is a great way to build a network with other math lovers. All the offered programs help in a great way to improve the problem-solving skills and to get ready for other competitions.
  2. Math Guide: There are lots of maths lessons and quizmasters are available including algebra, geometry, trigonometry and college algebra etc. Quizmaster checks the student’s ability by generating problems, waiting for students answer and checking the solution provided by the student. And after checking, immediately a report is generated whether the solution provided by the student is correct or not. The lessons provided are not useful only for students but also helps the teachers to gather idea how to deliver lectures in an attractive and effective way. The website also offers free use of help center, you just need to register with your active email account to take the advantage of the facility. Here students can post questions, teachers can share lessons and participants can post responses. Students can learn new mathematics lessons and improve their skills to prepare for tests.
  3. Math Basics: The website is very useful for the beginners of maths. This offers math tutorials on addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fraction, decimals, and algebra. To make math learning easy and interactive, here the emphasis is on images. A variety of methods is used here to determine what educational contents are to create for our website. The methods involve collecting inputs from the learner through social media websites and conducting surveys. The website delivers free lessons to the millions of people all over the world.
  4. Get the Math: The website offers learning algebra in the real world. Here the videos and web interactivity both are combined to help students in developing algebraic thing skills. There are online resources are available for the teachers how to use project material in the classrooms. The interactive tools are provided here which encourage the students to try the challenges. This helps in developing the critical thinking and real-time problem skills. The available video clips show how a team solves the challenges using the interactive tools to explore the math concepts.
  5. Math Goodies: This is one of the best sites to learn pre-algebra. The algebra is the base for all the other levels of maths and the knowledge of algebra are must in understanding other levels. It is important to have an idea of theory. The site focuses on theory and also provides exercises immediately followed by each lesson. The concept includes order of operations, how to write algebraic expressions and equations. The graphics and pictures are also available which provides instructions in an interactive way. 
  6. Math Planet: The website offers to learn algebra 1 online. Algebra 1 is the math course in high school which includes discovering expression equation and function, exploring real numbers, polynomials, how to solve linear equations, quadratic equations and rational expressions etc. Theory, examples and video lessons are available on the site for each lesson under algebra 1. One can practice more on the SAT and ACT section of the site to improve their problem-solving skills. You just need to download the SAT and ACT file to check whether the answer provided by you is correct or incorrect. This is useful for the students who are preparing for any quiz and competitive examination.
  7. Math Aids: This site provides free math worksheets which are helpful not only for students but also for the teachers and parents. These math worksheets updated by the math worksheet generators every day. The math worksheet includes the topics addition, algebra 1, algebra 2, exponents, even and odd, factors, fractions, geometry, graph, probability etc. These worksheets are also available in pdf format with the answer key. These worksheets are very helpful in improving their mathematics skills.
  8. The Math Forum: This site offers problem and puzzles, research, collaboration, team problem handling skills, and professional development. Courses available here include pre-algebra, algebra, middle school geometry and high school geometry. The website provides many resources to learn and improve math education. This allows educators to share their ideas and acquire new methods to solve a problem. Internet math library is available here which is searchable and give access to the thousand of maths problem-solving resources on the web.
  9. Smile: The site offers a phenomenological approach to enhance the mathematical learning skills of the students. Smile also offers bi-weekly classes during the academic session and post notes during the classes. This also offers training programs for the teachers to enhance the teaching skills.
  10. Aplusmath: The site contains interactive math resources including free math worksheets, flashcard, math games, homework helper etc. You can practice now on the worksheet and can check the solutions to your problems with the help of homework helper. You can also play math games like MATHO and hidden pictures which help you in improving the mathematics skills.

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