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The SAT is an important test, so it’s not surprising that most students engage in SAT test prep prior to their exam date. And that’s a wise choice: many colleges and universities use the SAT as one of the determining factors in their admissions process.

SAT Test Prep for the General Exam

The general SAT exam tests your proficiency in reading, writing, and math. In other words, it assesses your academic readiness for college and, along with your grades in high school, it’s a good predictor of  how well you’ll do in undergraduate school. The reading portion of the general SAT test requires that you read passages critically and complete sentences. The writing portion requires that you draft a short essay. It also contains multiple-choice questions that require you to identify errors in writing and select sentences with the best grammar and usage. The most challenging portion of the SAT test, however, is probably the math section. It contains questions about operations in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics and probability. Like many of your peers, you may need SAT math help prior to the test for review and remediation. If so, don’t just engage in self study. And don’t rely on study groups or SAT test prep courses alone. Get SAT math help from an SAT math tutor, too.

An SAT math tutor can provide you with personalized instruction. Unlike an SAT test prep course, your tutor won’t review material you already know. And unlike an SAT test prep study group, you won’t have to help other students. Sessions with your SAT math tutor will be all about you and what you need to practice and review in order to do well on the SAT.

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SAT Test Prep for the SAT Math Subject Test

In addition to the general SAT test, you can take as many as 20 SAT subject tests. Subject tests showcase your abilities within a particular field, such as English, history, science, languages, and mathematics. Two of the 20 SAT subject tests focus on math, the Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test and the Mathematics Level 2 Subject test. Students who plan to earn a degree in a math-intensive field may wish to take one or both of these math subject tests in order to spotlight their math ability and ensure their admission into the college of their choice. SAT subject tests are also a great way to earn college credit. If you have high scores on your subject tests, some institutions will give you credit for lower-level courses. Again, as with the general SAT test, be sure to engage in SAT test prep before your exam date with an SAT math tutor.

If you’re preparing for the Mathematics Level 1 Subject Test, your SAT math tutor can help you review Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry. The skills and concepts learned in each of these courses is tested on the Level 1 exam. If you’re preparing for the Mathematics Level 2 Subject Test, you’ll need to review those courses as well as trigonometry and elementary functions in precalculus. Again, your best source for SAT test prep is an SAT math tutor.

Find an SAT Math Tutor Online
Whether you’re taking the general SAT exam or an SAT subject test in math, be sure to prepare beforehand with the help of an SAT math tutor.  With an SAT math tutor, you’ll receive individualized instruction, whether you opt for in-person tutoring or find an online SAT math tutor. Individualized instruction means that you’ll review the skills and concepts you need to at the pace that’s right for you. Don’t study material you already know in an SAT prep class! Find an SAT math tutor, and get remediation in concepts you’ve forgotten—or perhaps were never taught. With a private instructor, you’ll be able to ask questions, take SAT practice tests, review your answers, and more.

Finding an SAT math tutor online is easy. Simply visit an online tutoring service like At, browsing tutor profiles is free. As you search the tutor database, you’ll find many SAT math tutors from around the world who can provide you with the effective SAT test prep you need to do well on the SAT.

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