PSAT Math Tutors

Before you take the PSAT, be sure to engage in PSAT test prep. If you’re a high school junior, the PSAT is not only a good predictor of how well you’ll perform on the SAT (and in college), but it also puts you in the running for academic scholarships. Both the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation sponsor scholarships for which students with top scores on the PSAT are eligible. Perhaps you know of former National Merit Scholarship winners in your school.

PSAT Test Prep
What should you study in order to prepare for the PSAT? Like the general SAT exam, the PSAT assesses your proficiency in reading, writing, and math. It specifically focuses on critical reading skills, skills in writing Standard English, and math problem-solving skills. Many high school students find the math portion of the PSAT particularly challenging. If you’re like your peers, you will too. As you prepare for the PSAT, self-study guides are helpful, and PSAT test prep classes and study groups are also beneficial. But for the best PSAT test prep in mathematics, you need a PSAT math tutor.

PSAT Math Help
A PSAT math tutor can provide you with the review and remediation necessary for you to earn a good score on the math portions of the PSAT. The PSAT contains two 25-minute math sections comprised of 38 questions. Twenty-eight of those questions are multiple choice. Ten of them are student-produced answers called “grid-ins.” After students solve a “grid-in” question, they must mark their answer on the grid provided.

To do well on these two math sections, you must demonstrate basic knowledge in four areas of mathematics: algebra and functions; data analysis, statistics, and probability; geometry and measurement; and numbers and operation. If some of that sounds scary to you, you’re not alone. As noted above, many students require remediation in math prior to taking the PSAT. In fact, as you study with a PSAT tutor, you may learn some math concepts that you were not taught and some math skills that you never acquired.

Why a PSAT Math Tutor?
There are many reasons PSAT math help from a PSAT math tutor is the best type of PSAT test prep. First of all, a private math instructor can customize your learning. That means you won’t review material you already know as often happens in PSAT prep classes. Instead, you’ll focus on the math concepts that challenge you. And with a personal tutor, you’ll never get lost in the crowd. You’re the only student! You can ask as many questions as you need to, and you can learn at the pace that’s best for you.

A PSAT math tutor is also much better than a PSAT study group. In a study group, you’re surrounded by other students whose skill in math may be as limited as yours, but with a PSAT math tutor, you’ll be working with an expert in the field, as most math tutors hold degrees in their subject. Also, study group time can sometimes deteriorate into mere socializing. Or, you may find yourself teaching others instead of learning yourself. With PSAT math help from a private tutor, however, your academic needs will be the focus of every session.

PSAT math help from a PSAT math tutor is also better than self study. Although self study should play an important role in your PSAT test prep, its effectiveness is limited to your perseverance and diligence. Slogging through test prep manuals on your own can be a lonely, boring task after a while. And if you need lots of help, it can be frustrating as you search and search for answers and explanations.

Find a PSAT Math Tutor Online
Luckily, finding a PSAT math tutor online is easy. Just go to a tutoring website! Sites like allow students to search their tutor databases at no cost. There, you can read tutor profiles until you find the PSAT math tutor who’s right for you. Do you prefer a tutor who’s a practicing teacher? Would you rather work with a college student who’s working on a degree in math? Or, would a nonteacher with a math degree be the best choice for you? Once you’ve found the tutor who best suits your needs, you can contact him or her directly to arrange a tutoring session. You may prefer in-person tutoring with an instructor who lives near you., however, doesn’t just give you access to PSAT math tutors in your area. It also allows you to contact tutors from all over the world for online tutoring.