Praxis 2 Math

If you’re a prospective math teacher, you may be required by your licensing state to take one of four Praxis 2 math tests: the Praxis 2 Middle School Mathematics exam (Test Code 0069); the Praxis 2 Mathematics Content Knowledge exam (Test Code 0061); the Praxis 2 Mathematics Proofs, Models and Problems, Part 1 exam (Test Code 0063); or the Praxis 2 Math Pedagogy Exam (Test Code 0065). Unlike the middle school Praxis 2 math exam, the pedagogy, content knowledge, and proofs, models and problems Praxis 2 math exams are designed for math teachers on the secondary level and your licensing state may require that you take and pass Praxis ii Math Content.

Fortunately, no matter which Praxis 2 math exam you’re required to take, Praxis 2 math test prep is available.

What Praxis 2 Math Help Is Out There?
A variety of Praxis 2 math help is available. If you’re interested in self study, try Praxis 2 Exam Secrets, which is available in printed text and eBook form. Joining a study group with other teachers is also a great way to review for the exam. However, for the most effective instruction, a Praxis 2 math tutor is best. With a tutor, you can get one-on-one instruction in your weakest areas. And today, not only can you get Praxis 2 math help in person, but you can also get Praxis 2 online math help. Praxis 2 online math help is probably the most convenient and effective form of Praxis 2 math test prep available today.

How Can You Get Praxis 2 Online Math Help?
The easiest way to get Praxis 2 online math help is by visiting an online tutoring service like Through most online tutoring services, you can search tutor databases and read tutor profiles for free. Once you find the tutor that you want, you may contact him or her directly. Some students arrange to meet their tutors in their homes or at a nearby location, such as a library or coffee shop, for in-person Praxis 2 math help. Others opt for Praxis 2 online math help and arrange a virtual tutoring session. Both methods are effective, although Praxis 2 online math help is probably the most convenient. It doesn’t require getting ready, traveling, or using gasoline. You don’t even have to comb your hair! Just go online and get the Praxis 2 math help that you need. At, you can also post questions on the site’s discussion forum–another great way to get the Praxis 2 online math help you need.

What Should You Study During Praxis 2 Math Test Prep?
If you’re engaging in Praxis 2 math test prep for the middle school exam, focus on these areas: arithmetic and basic algebra; geometry and measurement; functions and their graphs; data, probability, and statistical concepts; discrete mathematics; and problem solving. For the high school content knowledge Praxis 2 math exam, the areas of study are algebra and number theory; measurement, geometry, and trigonometry; functions and calculus; data analysis and statistics; probability; matrix algebra; and discrete mathematics. To prepare for the Praxis 2 math pedagogy exam, you should review these three aspects of teaching math in high school: planning instruction; implementing instruction; and assessing instruction. Finally, if it’s the Praxis 2 math test called “Proofs, Models and Problems, Part 1” that you’re preparing for, you should focus on problem solving, making mathematical connections, using technology, reasoning and proof, and mathematical representation as you review.

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