Mar 18, 2016

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PMP Test Prep with Math Formulas

PMP Test Prep with Math Formulas

Trying to study for your PMP exam?

If you are scared about mathematical formulas that you may encounter on PMP exam, fear no more, in this article we will cover several math formulas every PMP project manager should know in order to prepare effectively for their test preparation.

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Our Latest PMP Research Findings Test Taking Tactics

Ok we will list here popular formulas that are absolute must to know for your PMP exam.

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC researched several companies that PMP Exam uses, and here are couple of formulas that we think every student should know when preparing for their pmp Exam.  Note We have reviewed multiple websites and other blogger examples of what they have on their sites, and packaged it all together to make it easy for PMP test taker to get highly familiar with their PMP formulas, especially if you are struggling in math subject.  In fact our company can even help you if math is not your strongest suit by match making you with the online math tutor who can help you prepare for your PMP exam, or offer you study tips, links and tips to other useful formulas. Help us s If you like this page by hitting like on

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When contacting us on facebook, be sure to be specific in your request telling us exactly how you found us, through which url and we can send you more formulas. 

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pmp estimate at completion math formula if bac remains the same variance info 7pmp estimate at completion EAC math help formula explainedpmp estimate at completion formula ac eac bac ev cpi spi explainedpmp to complete performance index tcpi math formula explained details -10pmp estimate at completion math formula pmp-pert-estimation-math-formula-and-explanationpmp standard deviation math formulat 13pmp math examples formulaspmp math examples for each formula facebook requestpmp-math-examplespmp communication channels questionpmp detailed explanations to the math example questionspmp math example question explanationspmp detailed communication channels example explanation question 1Reading PMP formulas is not the only way to prepare for your exam

To reinforce your knowledge skills for your PMP test, you may want to consider the following study tips. Note if you would like extensive list of formulas with full scale explanations and all sorts of details with video course supplementary resources, then don’t hesitate to check out this course that we recommend, it’s basically online self guiede boot camp for busy PMP test takers.  It has formulas, mind maps, PMBOK guidelines, power point slides and tons of information.


Self Guided Bootcamp course goes into extensive details helping PMP candidates prepare for their exam.   Bootcamp course goes into many eccentric details, talking about project management life cycles and closely resembles PMBOK objectives, and is also approved by PMI, which means this self guided bootcamp course has quality, plus it helps you earn your 35 hours for your PMP certification per-requisite.   If you are not sure what pre-requisites that is don’t hesitate to visit our PMP Lessons learned site to see useful tips, info graphics about PMP exam and application process, as well as PMP Lessons learned by our company when researching best study materials for Project Management students.




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Other PMP Learning alternatives where you will find Project Management formulas explained in context

On the side note if you are on the budget and want to study on the budget for PMP exam, then check out this course by Joseph Phillips, course is very affordable and a great resources that also has tons of PMP math formulas, in it.


pmp math tipNote there are a lot of formulas on the PMP Certification exam that you must be familiar, reading some and trying to interpret them on your own from various study resources is one of the ways to prepare for the PMP exam, however if you are looking for more ways on how to prepare for your PMP certification test, then don’t hesitate to visit this link where we talk about variety types of study paths that you can chose when preparing for your test.

Note there are multiple study paths that you can chose when preparing for your PMP exam, our company Tutoring Services, LLC helps students chose the best path.

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Note when studying for your PMP test remember the following factors.

Yes you must have some level of math skills, however providing that someone explains you how to tackle math related questions in a concise way, then this can improve your chances for doing well on the test.  Our company Tutoring Services, LLC provides multiple ways for students to prepare for the exam, this is how we help students prepare for PMP.


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