Jan 10, 2011

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Online Teaching Jobs – Teaching Math

Are you a math master? That could be a winning skill if you are considering any teaching job, since math skills are always in demand. Help with math is very often sought by students seeking help online and online teaching jobs specialising in math are easy to find or create. However, being a math genius is not enough if you are considering an online teaching job. In fact, subject competence is perhaps less than half the battle.

To make a success of an online teaching job specializing in math, you will need a spectrum of allied skills. Teaching math can be particularly challenging. Students seeking math help from online tutors may need assistance for a variety of reasons. In some cases, learners who are flagging may have a genuine learning disability of some kind. For example, problems with visuo-spatial abilities interfere with the ability to understand geometry. Students with dyslexia may battle to get to grips with mathematical symbols.

However, many students seeking help with math are probably perfectly capable, but have merely fallen behind, for one reason or another. It is a subject in which missing out on a couple of key concepts and skills can stop learners in their tracks. It is also a fact that over-stretched teachers may not always be able to give students the individual help that they may need to succeed. Other learners seek extra help in order to achieve top marks in what is unquestionably one of the more challenging subjects in the curriculum.

So what does it takes to specialise in online math tutoring? Although math requires numerical (e.g. arithmetical) and visual skills, it is also a subject that requires abstract thought and the ability to grasp apparently intangible concepts. These require verbal skills to grasp and equally that the math teacher has the language skills to communicate these concepts. You may have a brilliant mathematical mind but to be effective you will also need well-developed verbal abilities to transmit and explain mathematical ideas.

Another problem that some learners experience with math is that the subject seems remote from the realities of daily life. (How do you demonstrate the relevance of long division to a bored or baffled pupil?) Not all teachers can effectively convey how useful math can be in learners’ everyday lives, or that mastering it may be vital for students’ careers in the future.

A math graduate with these abilities has excellent prospects for success in an online teaching job. Online tutors who have additional skills is even more likely to be in demand. For example, many economics students struggle with the mathematical components of this subject, including statistics and econometrics. The most successful online math tutors often have several strings to their bow.

An online teaching job in which tutors offer assistance in several of the subfields of math – algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and applied math, to name the obvious ones – can be stimulating, challenging and financially rewarding, since most serious learners recognize that top quality math help deservedly commands a fair price. However, that quality educational help entails far more than subject knowledge alone. Any math graduate investigating the potential of online teaching jobs would do well to assess whether they have the full suite of abilities required to make a success of online math tutoring.

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