Sep 6, 2016

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ISEE sample math practice questions and exam info

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ISEE has 3 Levels

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ISEE Math Practice questions for Upper Level exam

isee upper level math sample questions


ISEE upper level math sample questions solutions

Question #1

This question deals with the probability of independent events. Remember this important rule:

If event A is independent of event B, then the probability of event A occurring

AND the probability of event B occurring is P(A) • P(B).

First, find the probabilities of each event occurring:

P(A), the probability that the first roll produces a 2 =  ⅙
P(B), the probability that the second roll does NOT produce a 4 =  ⅚

Then, multiply: P(A) • P(B) = ⅙  • ⅚ = 5/36. Therefore, the answer to question #1 is (C).


Question #2

This question deals with combinations (not permutations). Why combinations instead of permutations? Because order does NOT matter. A group with Girl 1 and Girl 2 is the same as a group with Girl 2 and Girl 1 (ie. order doesn’t matter). For permutations, order does matter.

The formula for combinations is:

nCr = n! / r!(n-r)!

If 5 members of the group go on the field trip and 3 are boys, then the remaining 2 students must be girls. Therefore, we must find the number of combinations of 3 boys (out of the 4 boys in the club) and 2 girls (out of the 4 girls in the club).

Boys: 4C3 = 4! / (3! 1!) = (4 • 3 • 2 • 1)  / (3 • 2 • 1) = 4
Girls: 4C2 = 4! / 2! 2! = (4 • 3 • 2 • 1) / (2 • 1 •  2 • 1) = 3 • 2 = 6

Therefore the total number of combinations will be 4 • 6 = 24. The solution is (D).

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