GRE Math Tutors

If you are required to take one or more tests in the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) series, you should consider hiring a GRE math tutor. GRE tests are often one of the requirements for admission into graduate school. Each test measures a student’s readiness for the rigorous academic work that he or she will encounter as a graduate school student.

The test series includes a general GRE exam as well as GRE subject tests in biochemistry (cell and molecular biology), biology, chemistry, computer science, literature in English, mathematics, physics, and psychology. GRE math tutors can help you prepare for the general GRE exam, which not only measures proficiency in analytical writing and verbal reasoning, but also quantitative reasoning. They can also help you get ready for the GRE mathematics subject test, which measures your proficiency in calculus, algebra, and other topics in mathematics, such as geometry and general topology—all topics with which GRE math tutors can easily lend a hand.

GRE Math Tutors & the GRE General Test
If you’re taking the general GRE exam and you’re not a math major, be sure to take advantage of GRE math help from a GRE math tutor. The quantitative reasoning section of the exam measures your math ability, specifically your proficiency in problem solving as well as basic concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.

GRE Math Tutors & the GRE Mathematics Exam
If you must take the GRE mathematics test, you’ll definitely want to review with a GRE math tutor first. The GRE Mathematics test contains 66 multiple-choice questions culled from the curriculum of math courses ordinarily required in undergraduate school.

About 50 percent of the questions on the GRE math test have to do with calculus. These calculus questions include topics which the majority of math majors will have studied in their calculus classes as undergraduates. Although the following list doesn’t include every topic in calculus that you should review with a GRE math tutor, it does include the major ones: differential and integral calculus of one and several variables (including calculus-based applications and connections with coordinate differential equations), geometry, and trigonometry.

Approximately 25 percent of the questions on the GRE Mathematics exam deal with algebra. Again, these questions concern topics in math that will be familiar to most undergraduates, including elementary algebra (basic high-school algebraic techniques and manipulations that are used throughout mathematics), linear algebra (characteristic polynomials, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, linear transformations, matrix algebra, systems of linear equations, and vector spaces), and abstract algebra and number theory (elementary topics from group theory, field theory and number theory, and theory of rings and modules).

Another 25 percent of the questions on the GRE math test concern other topics in mathematics, including introductory real analysis (continuity, differentiation and integration, elementary topology of R and Rn, and sequences and series of numbers and functions), discrete mathematics (combinatorics, graph theory and algorithms, logic, and set theory), and subjects such as complex variables, general topology, geometry, numerical analysis, and probability and statistics.

No matter which test you’re taking, a tutor is the best source for GRE math help. Sure, you can use GRE study guides. In fact, you should! But get a GRE math tutor too. The effectiveness of self study doesn’t compare to the helpfulness of a GRE tutor. Whether you use a GRE math tutor online or in person, you’ll be able to ask questions and get customized instruction in the areas of math with which you need help.

GRE Test Prep with GRE Math Tutors
GRE test prep with a GRE math tutor means that you will receive personalized instruction, whether you opt for in-person tutoring or hire a GRE math tutor online. And personalized instruction means that you’ll review the concepts that you need to at the pace that’s right for you. Why study what you already know? With a GRE math tutor, you won’t have to, but you will be able to get remediation in the concepts that you’ve forgotten–or perhaps never learned. You’ll also be able to ask questions, take and review GRE practice tests, and more.

To find a GRE math tutor, visit an online tutoring service like Tutoring At, you can search tutor profiles for free. Once you’ve found a GRE math tutor who sounds like the right match for you, contact him or her directly to arrange your first tutoring session. With an online tutoring service, you’ll be able to find GRE math tutors where you live who can provide in-person tutoring. You’ll also be able to connect with GRE math tutors from around the globe who can tutor you online.