GMAT Math Tutors

Because the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) assesses how well a college graduate will perform in business graduate school, it’s the exam that most schools of business require for candidacy into their graduate degree programs. The test, which is given on demand throughout the year, appraises the analytical reading and writing skills, the verbal skills, and the mathematical skills of prospective business graduate school students. If you plan to take the GMAT, makers of the exam recommend that you engage in GMAT test prep for three to six months before your exam date. It’s especially wise to get GMAT math help.

Do You Need GMAT Math Help?
To determine whether you need GMAT math help you must know the types of math questions that appear on the test. The GMAT contains three kinds of questions: quantitative questions, questions that deal with data-sufficiency, and problem-solving questions. You might need GMAT math help with the quantitative questions. They are designed to assess how well you can read and interpret graphic data, solve quantitative problems, and reason quantitatively. Or perhaps you need to review basic math skills, including elementary algebra and common concepts in geometry in order to prepare for the problem-solving and data-sufficiency questions. No matter what type of GMAT math help you need, you’re sure to find lots of GMAT test prep resources at your disposal.

What Kind of GMAT Test Prep Is Right for You?
Many types of GMAT test prep in math are available. If you’re a disciplined individual with little time to spare, you might prefer self study using GMAT test prep books or software. If you’re a people person with an open schedule, then study groups and/or prep courses might be good choices for you.

However, if you’re really serious about preparing for the GMAT, a GMAT math tutor is the best source of effective GMAT math help. A GMAT math tutor can provide review and remediation in the areas of math that you find challenging. Unlike a test prep class, with a GMAT math tutor you won’t have to go over material you already know, and you won’t have to share the instructor’s attention. You are the class, and every meeting is about the same thing: what you need to know. Working with a GMAT math tutor is also much easier than studying on your own. Unlike boring study guides, a GMAT math tutor can give you feedback, answer your questions, and provide encouragement.

How Can You Find a GMAT Math Tutor?
To find a GMAT math tutor for in-person tutoring the old-fashioned way, check the bulletin boards at your college campus. To find effective GMAT test prep quickly and easily, however, look for a GMAT math tutor online at a tutoring service site, such as At sites like, you can search tutor databases for free, read tutor profiles, and chat with tutors on the discussion forum at no cost. Once you find a GMAT math tutor you like, you can contact him or her directly to arrange your first appointment. Although some students prefer one-on-one, in-person tutoring, more and more test takers are coming to appreciate the convenience of a GMAT tutor online.