Algebrator is the new powerful software for math education that solves algebra problems from Early-algebra to Advanced College levels.

Developed by SOFTMATH, the leading software program available in education today.

Algebrator solves algebra problems from all course books. It shows you step-by-step answers to the most difficult math equations, math answers , assisting students at every level. You simply download the software onto your P.C. and use for as long as you like, there is no need to subscribe or renew.

Additionally you can find other algebra study help from multiple vendors.

Who can use Algebrator?

  • Students: Enhance classroom learning/ accurate completion of assignments
  • Teachers: Create original lessons and math problems/ automated teaching assistant for students.
  • Tutors/ Home-Schoolers: Use as refresher for self -learning/automated math tutor for your student’s varied lessons/ use at own pace

How can Algebrator help you?

  • Solve any math problem
  • Watch how it ‘works out’ the solution, step by step.
  • Covers all math topics
  • Encourages you to seek explanations, aiding further learning
  • Assists understanding of algebra rules and their application.
  • Enter your problems in an easy to use interface or via a wizard.
  • You can export all your math solutions to share, which can be opened by most browsers.

Examples of what Algebrator can do for you:

  • Expanding and factoring equations
  • Simplification of difficult expressions i.e. long division, fractions, roots, expotential expressions, radicals and all topics.
  • Step by step operations showing all types of math equations
  • Linear, Quadratic & all Equations including Cramer’s rule
  • All aspects of Graphing Curves.
  • Logarithmic & Exponential Equations
  • Simplifying Logarithms
  • Finding LCM & GCF
  • Complex Numbers
  • Graphing Functions & Curves
  • Operations with functions (inverse, range, domain..)
  • Geometry & Trigonometry
  • Arithmetic (ratio, measurements, proportions…)
  • Sequences (classifying, nth term…)
  • Statistics (mean, mode, median, range…)
  • Linear Algebra
  • Export solutions to MathML to view in your browser & share.

System requirements:

Algebrator supports Vista Windows (including Win 7).
Algebrator supports Mac Any Intel Mac running OS X chose Algebrator today to banish math stress, become proficient at algebra and finish your assignments with time to spare.

Algebrator Compared to other Math Software

Software features Algebrator Maple TI-89 SureMath GradeBuilder Algebra Astro Algebra
Student enters their own algebra problems
User-friendly algebra problem input (“What you see is what you get” interface)
Step-by-step problem solution
Context sensitive tutoring


Covers entire College Algebra
Interactive student solution checker
Wizard interface for complex problems
Entertainment value
Price (single copy) $58.99 $39.99 $770 $150 $89 $30 $30

$39.99 Only!