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The days when the SAT test ruled are gone. Today, more and more colleges and universities are accepting student ACT scores as part of the admission process. Like the SAT, the ACT assesses a student’s readiness for college-level work. If your prospective college accepts the ACT, it may require you to take the ACT plus Writing test, which includes an essay writing section. Or you may be required to complete the traditional ACT test. Both exams include four multiple-choice tests, one in each of these areas: science, reading, English, and math. Because your score affects your admission and could affect your placement in core classes, be sure to engage in ACT test prep prior to your exam date. You may particularly need ACT math help, as this portion of the exam is especially challenging for students.

What’s the ACT math test like?
To effectively review for the ACT math test through ACT test prep, it’s important that you know what the exam is like. The ACT math exam is a one-hour test that consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. These questions are practical problems that assess your math skills—the skills that most students have acquired by the end of their junior year in high school. To answer them, you must use logic and reasoning. You may also use a calculator, although doing so is not required.

Topics on the exam that you may need ACT math help with include elementary algebra, coordinate geometry, intermediate algebra, plane geometry, pre-algebra, and trigonometry. Although you don’t have to do lots of computation or know complicated math formulas in order to answer the questions, you do have to have a good working knowledge of basic math formulas, and you must have basic skills in computation. These are areas an ACT math tutor can help you with.

How can an ACT math tutor help you prepare?
An ACT math tutor can provide you with personalized instruction in the areas where you need review and remediation. While an ACT test prep class or study guide may review material you already know well, an ACT math tutor can zero in on crucial gaps in your math skills and knowledge. In this way, you’ll get the ACT math help you need without wasting your time.

With an ACT math tutor, you’re the only student in class, and that’s another good reason an ACT math tutor is preferable to a prep course. Because tutoring is by its very nature one-on-one, you won’t have to vie for attention, wait your turn, or raise your hand. Every tutoring session will be about you and your academic needs.

What areas on the ACT do you need ACT math help in? Do you need ACT test prep regarding skills and concepts in pre-algebra and elementary algebra? (Questions in these two areas constitute 40 percent of the test.) What about intermediate algebra and coordinate geometry? Thirty percent of the test questions deal with these aspects of mathematics. The remaining 30 percent of the exam concerns plane geometry (23 percent) and trigonometry (7 percent). If you’ve never had any instruction in either of these last two subjects, you definitely need an ACT math tutor.

How can you find an ACT math tutor?
Fortunately, it’s easy to find an ACT math tutor online. Tutoring sites like allow students to browse their tutor databases and read tutor profiles for free. When you find a tutor you like, you can contact him or her directly to arrange a tutoring session. At, you can find an ACT math tutor near you for private in-person instruction, or you can arrange online tutoring with an ACT math tutor from anywhere in the world. also allows you to post questions on its discussion forum, which is another great way to get ACT math help.

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